artist, teacher, explorer, enthusiast

dedicated to the myriad manifestations of truth, beauty, and goodness

 working for greater empathy, compassion, and tolerance

a believer that what we think, we become

the past is prologue

all is seed

47 thoughts on “about

  1. Thank you so much for following my blog, I felt I had nothing more to add to your well put comment on “Open Your Eyes” but simply approved it. I like the angles you use in a lot of your pictures. Very interesting pictures of the normally mundane. Thanks for opening my own eyes. 👀

    • Thanks for the kind words – Goethe said that nature was an open book but it begs the question, how often to we stop to look, listen, and appreciate, much less turn the pages….?

  2. Glad to find your site where my own photos would feel at home, whether a worn wall or something curious underfoot! I very much appreciate how you organize your material. It’s a pleasure to visit!

    • Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment/compliment!
      I took a look at your site and very much liked what I met there – looking forward to savoring it when my persistent internet issues are resolved…

    • Thanks for commenting and happy to “educate” you (and others) about rangoli – there are a number of folks who post about rangoli on wordpress and I am currently building a site dedicated to this amazing art form – more to come –
      Being a textural kind of guy, I really appreciate some of your work – keep it up!

    • Thanks so much! (for the follow, the likes, and the positive comments – greatly appreciated for sure!) It’s always good to connect with a kindred soul and like minded artist type! – Thanks for the redirect to your sand postings – only had time for a quick look but definitely will be back for more! (so much to take in!) Keep up the excellent work!

    • Yes, life is a bit over full and my slow internet connection here in the mountains has kept me from posting or even logging on. That should change soon though. Thanks for the positive message – and very much I have missed being in any kind of loop…

    • Wow! What an excellent comment! Thank you!!! I am actually a painter and printmaker and one of my objectives is to try and capture painterly images with the photo work. So, your comment really made my day! (well actually, where I am right now, it’s night but I suspect you know what I mean). Much appreciated!!

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  4. I really like Your photography and the fact that You see and You shoot it that others just ignore staring at their smartphones. This requires a sensitivity and focus on what surround us. We just have a moment to stop :-).Greetings! Panika

  5. Hi. Did you happen to attend Guilford College in the 80s? I am collecting a list of Guilford alumni artists websites for Guilford’s Art Department blog, Hand Eye, and if you are an alumni I would love to add your Formal Divisions and Surface Patterns site to the list! Let me know. My email is mitchellkg@guilford.edu

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